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Liz Haight

Liz Haight began dancing at the age of five, studying ballet, modern, tap, and jazz throughout her childhood in New York City. She performed with the Jose Limon Dance Co. at Lincoln Center and later through the Julliard School of Dance. As an adolescent, she was a scholarship student at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, where she trained with Judith Jamison.

Liz has had her own business teaching Latin social dances in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1997. She has been teaching tango since 2002 and now works full-time teaching exclusively Milonguero-style Argentine tango both privately and in group classes. In addition, she teaches tango nationally in weekend workshops. She has taught regularly at the Denver Tango Festivals, with Ricardo Vidort, a renowned Milonguero of the Golden Age. In 2011.

Liz's love of people, her technical ability in both leading and following, and her passion for the energetic and emotional elements of the dance have led her to develop effective ways of teaching not only the physical and functional aspects of the dance, but also its more elusive, transcendent qualities. Her exploratory form of teaching allows for a visceral experience of tango as a form of communication, creativity, connection, and the joy of self-expression.

Since 1991, Liz has focused on authentic club-style social dances originating in Latin America. She has been dancing Argentine tango since 1998. While she has studied all forms of tango, her love lies in close-embrace Milonguero-style tango - the tango of the Golden Age and the tango of the crowded dance floors of Buenos Aires. In this style, she has studied extensively with Ricardo Vidort, Alicia Pons, and Osvaldo & Coca Cartery (2004 world champions).

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