505 Tango

Adam and Simona


ALBUQUERQUE OPENTANGO's mission is to create a collaborative space for tango dancers of all levels to learn the language of tango and gain experience with social dancing in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

~OPENTANGO Beginner Socials~

At our events, we provide a short introductory class with some very rudimentary tango vocabulary. This is meant to help first timers and beginners with some class experience get on the social dance floor as soon as possible.

~Codigos (Ground Rules) for OPENTANGO events~

Respect each other.

Do not assume that your partner wants to dance in close embrace. Instead, ask what kind of embrace they find most comfortable. Most dancers will find that they will need to use a different embrace with different partners. Height matters.

Do not assume that men prefer to lead and women prefer to follow. At OPENTANGO events, we encourage all dancers to learn both roles. When initiating a dance, ask if your partner wishes to lead or follow and consider trading off.

At OPENTANGO events, we encourage everyone to dance with everyone, regardless of gender identity. We fully support men dancing with men and women dancing with women.

It is always okay to say no to a dance. Tango can be tiring and people need to sit out sometimes. Try not to take rejection personally.

~Respect the process.~

Remember that learning to dance tango takes time and practice! -- Sharing knowledge and working on specific skills is OK (if there is space), but please do not give constant feedback or critique while dancing.

Not every dance is going to be the best-executed tango of your life. The point of Argentine tango is to have fun playing with movement and connection. Relax and just dance, even if you and/or your partner have no idea how to tango "the right way"!

~Be encouraging!~

The fastest way for new dancers to learn tango is to just keep getting on the dance floor. Make sure that feedback is given in a kind and respectful way that encourages people to have fun and to keep dancing!

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